Three state-managed Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) and one national wildlife refuge offer lands for public use including hunting: 

Freedom Hills Wildlife Management Area

Located in west Colbert County, near the town of Cherokee and bordering the Natchez Trace Parkway, 34,500 acres offers hunting for both small and large game.  A public shooting range is located in this area as is the world’s only Coon Dog Cemetery. 


Lauderdale Wildlife Management Area

Located in west Lauderdale County, near the town of Waterloo, this 13,000-acre area offers hunting for both small and large game. 


Seven-Mile Island Wildlife Management Area

Accessed from the Tennessee River and by land from the north side of the river, this area has acreage of just under 6,000 and offers small game, waterfowl and deer (archery only) hunting. 


Key Cave National Wildlife Refuge

Located adjacent to Seven Mile Island WMA, this refuge of just over 1,000 acres offers small game hunting. 


The Tennessee Valley Authority

(TVA) has over 19,000 acres of property available for public use, including hunting, along the Pickwick Lake reservoir in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee.  No permit is required when hunting TVA lands in Alabama, although a hunting license is required. 


NOTE: A resident hunting license is required for those ages 16 through 64, and for non-state residents over age 16.  Licenses may be obtained from any Alabama county courthouse, toll free at 1-888-848-6887, and online at
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